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Twyxter builds private, online communities that leverage employees' personal interests and values to create a more engaging work experience.
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company benefits:
  • more open, connected culture
  • reduced organizational barriers
  • faster onboarding & socialization
  • increased engagement
  • enhanced loyalty, higher retention
  • improved work-life balance
  • more charitable contributions
  • promotes sustainability
  • 24 x 7 x 365 for all employees

what is Twyxter?

how it works

participant benefits:
  • connect based on interests
  • more supportive community at work
  • build meaningful new friendships
  • save money and time
  • stay informed and involved
  • more fun, lower stress
  • easy ways to donate to charity
  • live more sustainably
  • connect anytime, anywhere

why it works

why Twyxter


Twyxter Bulletinwhat is Twyxter?

Twyxter is a cloud-based service offered by employers that helps their employees connect based upon shared interests and activities.  These increased personal and social connections at work help companies build and strengthen their “corporate neighborhood™.”

The promise is simple and compelling.  Friendships and good relationships with co-workers boost employee satisfaction, engagement and loyalty by reducing stress and making work more enjoyable.

A company-sponsored Twyxter community combines the best aspects of social networking sites, group and event management and peer-to-peer marketplaces. These private online communities connect employees in ways that create a more engaging workplace experience while making their lives easier, better and more fun.


Twyxter Marketplacehow it works

People like being part of a caring and supportive community where they feel a personal sense of belonging and commitment. This is true of towns and neighborhoods as well as schools, universities, and workplaces. The more connected people feel within a community, the more likely they are to contribute to it.

Existing business collaboration and productivity tools are highly effective when used to manage business communications and processes. However, these “corporate” tools have not been designed to promote a wide range of meaningful personal and social connections. That’s why Twyxter is not a business tool for employees; instead, it's a personal tool for the enterprise that helps people expand their personal connections within the workforce community.

Twyxter communities foster new personal and social connections naturally, in ways that appeal to employees’ personal values and interests. Twyxter communities are built around a flexible set of features that enable participants to easily make meaningful connections with other employees while they engage in shared activities, save time and money, live more sustainably and increase involvement in volunteering and charitable giving.

Learn more about how Twyxter helps companies build and strengthen their corporate neighborhood™ through features like the Peopleplace, Bulletinboard and Marketplace.


Twyxter Bulletinwhy it works

When employees are more satisfied and engaged at work, they are more productive, loyal and healthy. Research paints a compelling picture of why highly engaged workforces are important to the bottom line.

challenges in the workforce

  • U.S. companies lose $350 billion per year due to low employee engagement, lost productivity and voluntary turnover – approximately $2,200 for every member of the workforce! (Gallup)
  • It costs 50% to 200% of an employee’s total compensation to replace someone who leaves voluntarily (Hay, Hewitt)
  • 53% of workers are "checked out or looking to leave" (Mercer)
  • The average job tenure for workers under 35 is only 2.5 years (Deloitte)

the power of personal & social connections

Fortunately, 20+ years of research from Gallup and others has also confirmed that stronger social relationships among employees lead to increased engagement, improved productivity, better health, and higher retention.

That’s why we work hard to help companies build friendly and engaging online communities that build connections through natural personal and social interactions. For more information on why Twyxter works, click here.


Twyxter Marketplacewhy Twyxter

Whether at home or in a business, good neighbors are key to building a stronger community. Twyxter helps make this happen in your company by leveraging your employees' personal interests and values to create a more engaging work experience. A Twyxter community site makes it easy for all employees to make new connections, save money and time, lead more sustainable lives, and encourages charitable donations.

  • build a more engaged and connected community of employees
  • attract the best new employees
  • improve onboarding and socialization of new employees
  • enhance loyalty and retention
  • promote sustainability, charitable giving and work-life balance
  • implement quickly and easily with minimal administrative and IT involvement

For more information on why Twyxter is good for your company, your brand and your employees, click here.

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