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10 reasons you should use Twyxter to help you

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Companies currently employ a variety of excellent HR applications and business collaboration tools to help manage human capital, facilitate collaboration and improve productivity. These are business tools that focus on business processes, developing the workforce, managing projects, and sharing information and expertise. However, these tools are not designed to broadly promote meaningful personal and social connections. The truth is, employees are generally not comfortable using them for non-corporate purposes. In short, they are all about business.

Employees are people first, workers second.  That’s why Twyxter has created something altogether different:


1. it’s personal

A Twyxter community complements your business tools by focusing on the personal side of every employee. In this way, Twyxter cultivates a more socially connected and dedicated workforce. Since participants in a company’s Twyxter community do not view it as a “business” tool, they are much more comfortable using Twyxter to reach out to each other and engage in activities related to the personal and social side of their lives.


2. all about connecting

Twyxter communities do one thing extraordinarily well: they connect employees at a personal level. Participation in your Twyxter community enables your employees to interact in natural and rewarding ways that make their lives easier, better and more fun.


3. branded

The Twyxter community keeps your corporate brand in front of employees in a way that promotes a healthy work-life balance and helps them feel valued and appreciated.


4. simple

No training required. Users simply signup, and start using it. Twyxter is that easy to use. And, although participation is voluntary, a Twyxter community site makes it easy for all employees to make new connections, save money and time, lead more sustainable lives, and encourages charitable donations. 


5. secure

Participation in a Twyxter community is safe because – as employees of the same company – every user already has a common bond. It is this affinity that makes it natural for users to interact with a greater sense of trust and security.


6. in touch

It’s easy for everyone in a Twyxter community to stay in touch, even if they only occasionally visit the Twyxter site. Each employee can individually choose how often they receive Twyxter alerts and digests via email. This makes it easy for users to keep up-to-date and connect when they see something of interest, have something to share, need assistance or want to start something new.


7. available

If you can access the internet, you can access Twyxter. At work, on the road or at home, the Twyxter community is always available. Our upcoming mobile application will make it even easier for users to stay connected.


8. easy on you

A Twyxter community is typically managed by non-technical users. An easy-to-use console allows administrators to maintain their community on an as-needed basis. Adding and dropping employees can be done manually or automated via a regularly scheduled data feed.


9. easy on IT

Twyxter is a robust, secure and scalable platform that allows companies to quickly and safely deploy a Twyxter community as software-as-a-service (SaaS). It’s been designed to minimize your upfront investment and enable you to set it up without adding a new burden to your IT group. There is no need to integrate with your current environment to launch a private employee community, although several options are available. 


10. affordable

We offer low-cost customization and deployment and affordable licensing plans.

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