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Today's HR applications and corporate social networks are excellent tools for managing human capital, facilitating collaboration and improving business processes. A Twyxter community complements these tools by focusing on the personal side of every employee in order to cultivate an even more socially connected and dedicated workforce. Since employees don’t view their company’s Twyxter community as a corporate business tool, they are much more comfortable using Twyxter to engage in communications and activities related to the personal and social side of their lives.

The Twyxter platform promotes more and stronger personal bonds by enabling employees to interact in natural and rewarding ways that make their lives easier, better and more fun.

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Peopleplace – a place to connect

The Twyxter Peopleplace makes it easy for employees to connect with others based on common interests and activities. For example, users can find people who:

the Peopleplace
  • like to fly kites
  • play in a band
  • are into robotics
  • like jazz
  • lift weights
  • play bridge
  • go rock climbing
  • paint in watercolor
  • sing karaoke
  • decorate cakes
  • do organic gardening
  • are into biking
Twyxter Groups

Groups – a place to participate

Twyxter Groups allows employees to connect as a group to share information and participate in activities that reflect their shared interest in a hobby, sport, game or outdoor activities. Users can create or join a group to:

  • organize a team
  • meet as a book group
  • share arts & crafts
  • train for a marathon
  • play music together
  • volunteer for a cause
  • pursue wellness goals
  • sing karaoke
  • watch classic movies
  • play games
  • share photography tips
  • teach yoga

Bulletinboard – a place to share

The Twyxter Bulletinboard enables users to connect through announcements, events, recommendations, advice, volunteer opportunities and more. This gives employees an easy way to do things like:

the Bulletinboard
  • organize a weekend outing
  • raise money for charity
  • request travel advice
  • learn about a new restaurant
  • recover a lost scarf
  • find people for a carpool
  • find donors for a blood drive
  • announce a gathering after work
  • organize a running club
  • publicize an interesting lecture
  • look for a new roommate
  • identify a good plumber
the Bulletinboard

Events – a place for activities

The Twyxter Events feature makes it easy to organize your own events, trips and activities or announce interesting things taking place locally. Participants can use it to:

  • put on a charity garage sale
  • organize a holiday event
  • host a talent show
  • go as a group to a ball game
  • set up a networking event
  • announce a local festival
  • put on a scavenger hunt
  • round up volunteers
  • share local events of interest
  • give a class in genealogy
  • organize a park cleanup
  • host a fitness boot camp

Marketplace – a place to exchange

The Twyxter Marketplace enables safe, convenient transactions between employees. Supporting almost any kind of exchange participants can:

the Marketplace
  • buy a used iPad
  • rent a trailer
  • give away a skateboard
  • sell tickets to a ball game
  • borrow Mad Men on DVD
  • donate proceeds to charity
  • sell an old computer
  • borrow a video camera
  • rent a cabin in the woods
  • lend a video game
  • find a canoe to rent
  • get gently used kids toys free
  Twyxter – building and strengthening the corporate neighborhood™  

Twyxter’s web-based communities uniquely create natural opportunities for employees to interact, connect and come together. A more connected community in the workplace provides benefits to both employers and employees.

Participating employees engage in simple, familiar activities that strengthen the “social fabric” of the corporate community. A company’s Twyxter site enables all employees to:

  • connect based on interests
  • enjoy a more supportive community at work
  • build meaningful new friendships
  • save money and time
  • stay informed and involved
  • have more fun, less stress
  • donate to charity in a unique way
  • live more sustainably
  • connect anytime, anywhere

The company benefits as this increased social connectedness helps:

  • create a more open, connected culture
  • overcome organizational barriers
  • expedite onboarding & socialization
  • increase engagement
  • enhance loyalty, increasing retention
  • improve work-life balance
  • increase charitable contributions
  • promote sustainability

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